Offshore Windfarm Installation & Decommissioning

Incorporated in 2010, Swire Blue Ocean A/S (SBO) is revolutionising offshore construction with our vessels Pacific Orca and Pacific Osprey.
With their 1,200T crane, large clear deck area, working water depth of 60m and 2.5m Hs limit for jacking, these vessels are designed to meet both the current and future needs of the offshore wind industry.  They have the capability and capacity to efficiently handle the expected increases in component sizes and weight.
Safety and reliability are two key points of focus in the vessel’s design and aftermarket support.  The vessels are fitted with six legs to increase jacked stability and a high redundancy diesel electric power system to reduce risk of breakdown.
High quality design and equipment and a highly skilled and experienced crew combine to deliver efficient transport and construction activity with enhanced weather windows and reduced installation cycle times that will help reduce the overall installed cost of offshore wind.
The vessels are not only ideal for offshore wind farm installation but also very well suited for a wide range of maintenance, construction and decommissioning tasks in all offshore sectors.
Quality, Safety and Efficiency; we invite you to find out what Swire Blue Ocean's values can mean to you.
Pacific Orca and Pacific Osprey are suited for the following operations:
•             Transport & installation of offshore foundations
•             Transport & installation of offshore wind turbine generators
•             Transport & installation of platform topsides / substations
•             Maintenance of offshore wind turbine generators
•             Maintenance of offshore structures and platforms
•             Subsea construction / IMR
•             Offshore Construction
•             Offshore Decommissioning
•             Offshore Accommodation and crane support
•             Salvage assistance
•             Heavy Lift & Project Cargo